Lee & Penny Anderson

Hello and Warm Greetings,

Lee Anderson and his wife PennyPenny and I are grateful that you would like to share the story of the Defenders Lodge with us.

We’ve come to learn that this project will help so many veterans and their families who couldn’t otherwise afford to get the first class care they need. It’s a true privilege to be able to be part of this public-private partnership that needs all of our support.

I recently visited the Polytrauma center at the Palo Alto hospital campus and met the men and women recovering from severe brain injuries, amputations, and cancer that receive care on the Palo Alto Campus of the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System. This visit with the brave men and women at the hospital and Polytrauma wing was a life-changing one for me. Penny and I were inspired to be a part of the Defenders Lodge project to help these veterans and their caregivers.

Giving back to veterans is one of the most meaningful demonstrations of thanks we can give to America and our fellow Americans. I know you are all passionate about taking care of military men and women, of veterans, of our wounded and their families.

I urge you to join us as we – together – make Defenders Lodge a reality.

Lee & Penny Anderson