Welcome Letter

Welcome on behalf of the PenFed Foundation to The Lee & Penny Anderson Defenders Lodge — a free lodge for veterans and their caregivers at the Palo Alto VA. Defenders Lodge is a haven for our veteran heroes. It is a $17 million public-­private partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the PenFed Foundation dedicated to those who served our country in uniform.

Each year, more than 63,000 veterans come to the Palo Alto VA Healthcare System for treatment. Many veterans travel more than one hundred miles for treatment for outpatient services. In many cases they are not reimbursed for their stay and the cost of lodging in the Palo Alto area is among the highest in the nation, averaging over $200.00 per night. This cost often forces veterans to choose between going to the doctor and meeting the basic needs of their families. Not surprisingly, many choose to forgo their own treatment because they cannot afford a place to stay.

Defenders Lodge offers a warm, safe, comfortable place to stay, as well as onsite programs and services that promote healing and wellness.

We welcome you to explore this site and take a minute to meet the people whose lives will be made better because of your help.


Lee R. Anderson, Sr.
Campaign Co-­Chair

Anthony J. Principi
Campaign Co­‐Chair

John P. Jumper
Campaign Co-­Chair